Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Page 1 of a double Page Layout

As per the title, this is the first of of my double page layout. It will be titled "POOL BOYS".
These photos were taken at an indoor water park called " The great Wolf Lodge".  The second page is done but I need to glue it down.  I will hopefully have that one posted soon.  This page was done using a combination of the cuttlebug and the cricut cutter. 

Billboard Bella, Birthday and Thinking of You

Well, here are three more cards.  I told you I have been busy for the past three days.  The last two cards are also made with stamps from stamping bella.  I have just ordered 3 more stapms which I will be getting tomorrow.  Can't wait to make cards with the ones coming.  

The picture of first one is very simple but yet sophisticated.  You don't have to get to complicated.  Having a very busy card can take away from it's message you are trying to convey. 

Dream Card

I particularly like this one because of the square window in the centre. I cut the square with my cuttlebug stamp die cutter and placed the butterfly embellishment on the inside of the card.  The back of my card is also a die cut from the cuttlebug.  All my cards have a logo that says "hand made with love".  I have spent the last three days making cards and scrapbook pages.
Please let me know what you think of the designs layout and the color combinations. 

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy

One of my current creations titled " sit back, relax and Enjoy".   The coffee or tea kettle is a stamp I purchased at stamping bella.  If you are interested in stamping bella stamps visit there website at www.stampingbella.com.  These cards are very warm and inviting, can be a nice invitation for a close friend to come over for a cup of tea or coffee.  As you can probably tell I love a nice hot drink with a dear friend or my Sole sister... 

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