Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Ultimate Weakness " Shoes"

Dress Shoes Black

Yes, like majority of most woman I have the same weakness. I LOVE SHOES.....
My taste as you can see is mostly Classic Shoes, with a reasonable heel height. My daughter calls me crazy crazy Annecim. She says she can't wait to wear them. I must say these are really not all of them, I am still missing all my boots and summer sandals and slippers. I have no clue how many pair of shoes I own, but it sure is a lot. If you ask my husband he thinks I own more then I need and he is right but I will never admit to that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hand Made greeting Cards

Here are just a few of my hand made cards.  I had made more but unfortunately gave them to friends before I took a picture.  Trust me, there will be more cards made as long as these hands can create and this heart can feel...

The mickey mouse card was my creation from beginning to end. The new Baby and the tree were cut with the Cricut "Stretch your Imagination" Cartridge. The I simply decorated with a baby stickers.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Gift Bags

These are the fun halloween loot bags I made for my son's JK Class.  There are 22 kids in his class and I have managed to accomplish only 12. Every bag is designed differently, I don't believe in producing the same thing time after time, this takes away the purpose of creating.  

I love making things with love, thought and feeling. Without these emotions, my work would not be any different then mass produced China made products that come hot off the press.

These bags were created with your basic Orange card stock and I used the Cricut Tags , Bags, Boxes and More cartridge to make the bags.  Then, I simply stamped Halloween images.  The bats were cut with the Cricut Paper doll cartridge.  

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