Friday, January 16, 2009

In Sweet memory of my beloved Dog Goldie

She came into our life as the most cutest puppy, leaving behind nothing but the most beautiful memories of her.  I will always remember her as my canim kizim. She was the most graceful and the most playful dog you can imagine.  She will be truly missed and never forgotten. I just wish I was there to say my final good-bye's. My Dearest Goldie, you will live forever in my heart.

I love you and may you rest in peace.


Karen Hanim said...

Loosing a sweet dog is so hard. We had a wonderful dog for 13 years. Her absence is really felt. The memories of the fun we had with her and her sweet self are precious indeed.

Lori-Anne Altiok said...

She touched many lives, and will be dearly missed.

Lori-Anne Altiok said...
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Lori-Anne Altiok said...

We are scared to goto the shop tommorrow. If you look at our web site Ebru you can see Goldie in the window.

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