Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Dissatisfied Michaels Customer

Hello everyone, I just need to vent today cause right know I am totally dissapointed with Michaels. Actually I have been dissapointed for quite sometime know but really never vocalized myself until know.

Point number 1 - Why is it in Canada we pay 3 or even sometimes 4 times more then the American price???
I decided to do a little research and here is 1 small example I came across. Majority of the Inkadoo clear stamp sets here at Michaels sell for $ 16.99 cdn and A.C. Moore a competitor company has these stamps for $ 10.99 US. To me, this is quite a difference considering the how many of these sets you purchase. What I have decided to do is stop shopping at Michaels Canada and go over to the States for better deals and prices.

Points number two - Last year, Michaels in Canada accepted any US competitors coupons and know they refuse. I decided to call there corporate office in Irving Texas to find out if there company policy had changed. The person who answered the phone was unable to provide me with an answer so I was transfered to Merchandising and of course got voice mail. Left a detailed message and requested for someone to get back to me. Yes, so far no one has called back.... nice isn't it.

Point number three - why is it that every location does things differently. One location will take the coupon while the other won't. There are so many little experiences I can tell you that would just blow your mind. They really need to built on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and PRICE.

I would like to know what think, drop me a line.

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