Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MAC and OPI Cosmetics

Hi Friends,

I have not had the time to post in a little while even though I do have wonderful cards and a scrapbook page to share with you. I will hopefully post those for you later on tonight, but right know I just wanted to "GIRL TALK" about make-up.

I was feeling a little down yesterday and needed a little pick me upper so I went to a couple of my favorite cosmetic stores, and NO Michaels this time. I love MAC cosmetics especially there pigment powders, eye shadows and lip gloss. Because they are a little on the expensive end I only bought one eye shadow called FASHION. It's a light grey green with gold pearl and let me tell you it is absolutely beautiful. I picked it up the minute I saw it cause you can wear any time, day or night. This shadow is a part of a collection so once they are done they are gone so I did not want to pass it up.

Then off to Beauty Supply Outlet up the street for nail polish. I have a favorite OPI color called Bubble Bath, but they did not have it any more so I pick up one that is called Otherwise Engaged which is a little similar to Bubble Bath. So if you are looking at pampering yourself check out both of these lines. I will have pictures of both of these for you tonight so come up to check those out.

Have a fabulous day everyone !!

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Karen Hanim said...

Eye shadow always seems like the same old stuff to me. It would be interesting to try something that actually looked different!

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