Monday, January 11, 2010

I am Still Alive

Hello Everyone, just sending this quick post to let you know that I do still exist. My home has under gone a face lift as I mentioned in my previous post. All the bedroom floors are now hardwood and they look smashing. My husband and I spent the entire day putting together my daughters room. We bought her a bedroom set from Ikea and of course had to build everything from scratch, but it was all worth it cause her room looks awesome. I was telling her that my room was not even close to what she has when I was growing up.

My craft room looks terrific as well, we bought a big bookshelf from Costco to store all my crafts, papers and tools. I have accumulated so much over the years that I needed a whole room for this hobby. In addition to all of this my husband surprised me with the cricut expression, you should have seen my excitement cause now I can make bigger cuts and finally I can enjoy Tags, bags, boxes and more also the Wild Card Cartridge. Once I have everything completely settled and cleaned I will share some photos.

Sorry for not posting anything crafty but I did make some more new cards to share so stick around, I will be back....

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