Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Gift from the Heart


There is nothing more special then  a gift that is hand made with Love.  To me a value of a gift is not measured by its dollar figure but how much thought goes into the gift.  I have attached just a few photos of a whole scrapbook album I made for by husbands cousins new born baby girl "Arden".  Creating this album took me well over a month with a help of a very good friend "M". It was very challenging but yet extremely fun and I enjoyed every minute.  Currently I am working on my own project which is a book of all my favorite recipes.  It's coming along nicely and can't wait to share some of the pages with you all.

Being able to create and make something by hand gives me such a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  I have said many times, my craft room is my therapy room.  This is where I escape from my daily stresses and enter into my very own heaven.  Even if it is a couple of hours a day, it is "my heaven"....

Bazen hayatin cilvesinden yoruluyorum.  Bazen bedenimin ve ruhumun cok yorgun oldugunu hissediyorum.  Kafamda binbir dusunceler oynuyor, cocuklarim, Kocam, isim, evim, etc.  Ama ailemle olan dusuncelerim hep guzel ve onlari deliler gibi seviyorum. 

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