Monday, December 8, 2008

Girls Get together "HELP" Recipes 911

This Saturday I am planning on inviting over a bunch of my girlfriends for a late afternoon lunch-dinner combination. I was planning on having them over around 3 a'clock and wondering what I can prepare for everyone to enjoy, there will be a bunch of children as well. I can take any suggestions cause I am not to certain what I should prepare. I do have a few things in mind and here is the list I have going at this time but could easily change.

1. Potatoe salad
2. Carrot salad
3. Borek ( feta cheese and spinach)
4. Lasagna ( grounf beef)
5. Cheese ball dip with pumpernickel bread
6. Cheese cake, and maybe a holiday cake or scone with tea.

Please help, I want to make something different but can't think of anything at this moment.

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