Sunday, March 22, 2009

Book Mark Sunday

I just love making book marks.  The one I made with Charlette Ketto before has found a new home so I had to make another one.  Then my daughter say's to me " can you make a special bookmark for me to mommy". So, I made one for her and one for me.  

Yes, I was at Stamping bella again this weekend and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Bella herself (Emily).  She is truly a very kind lady who touched my daughters heart in a very special way and for that I thank her very much.   Pinar, with her own allowance bought Ginger Ketto. Emily noticing that was very touched that she spent her own money to buy one of her stamps so she treated Pinar to a pebble stone embellishment. You should have seen her face light up when Emily introduced herself as Ms.Bella. She replied back by saying " really" like meeting one of her idols for the first time, it was very nice to see. If only I lived near by, I would probably visit the store everyday :o)

Due to all my crafting, I have neglected the family just a little bit, so to make it up to them I made a really nice Eggplant dish very much like musakka, some pasta and BBQ'd chicken and fish. We are having feast tonight :o)

Today is a big day for me !! my husband bought the Sony, HD camcorder. I can't wait to start making little tutorials and posting them up on my blog.  I have hundreds of ideas dancing in my head.  I will be venturing into the video word as well.  Like I had mentioned before I have an apple laptap and with that I have the Imovie which I have no clue how to use yet. This is where my sister Lori comes in to play.  She is the Queen of all Queens when it come to imovie so I asked her if she can tutor me on it.  So it looks like it will be quite a while before I have my craft videos up on my blog.  Well that's all  for today... Hope you liked my bookmarks.


Lori-Anne Altiok said...

Very cute !!!

Ebru - (April) said...
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