Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Card#2

I love Michael's when they have there big sale don't you ?.   On Friday after work I thought I would go and see if they had any more of cuttlebug kids Alphabet letters left.  I promised Lori that I would go and check it  out as all the letters were sold out in Calgary.  Guess what, she was in luck, I ended up picking her the princess fonts die cut and also the funky circles die cut.  Do you think I can walk out of there not getting myself something.  "NO" of course not... Michael's had brought down there prices even more on the dies so I picked up 1 border die cutter with 2 cutters inside and I picked up another one which was all different kinds of flowers.   

The Angel card was made with one of the cuttlebug border die cuts and tiny pearl embellishments .  I love the Pink and  Green combination, reminds me of watermelon's which I absolutely love in the summer time with Feta cheese.  So typically Turkish !! Love it.

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Lori-anne altiok said...

This is by far my most favorite card ! So sweet, I love the borders with the little pearls. That pearl find was the best.

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