Monday, December 21, 2009

Here's To You - Scrapbook Double Page Layout

I have many photos from the trip we took to the Dominican. I really liked these two particular pictures cause it makes the perfect double page layout. I did not use the cricut at all but certainly made the most of my stamps, the tag punch and my sewing machine. You may not really notice it but I did a lot of sewing on both pages.

I thought the title was appropriate as both my husband and I have our glasses raised in honor of our best trip ever. By far this was a vacation we will never forget.

We did nothing all day but enjoy the sun, sand, the ocean and the food. I think any trip is more fun when you go with good friends that you get along with so well. We went on this trip with really good friends of ours, and there son which happens to be my son's best buddy. The kids had such a wonderful time. I have no clue when we will take another trip like this again.

I will post more pages from this trip as I create them. Sometimes it's hard to make time for scrapbooking especially now that the kids are on Christmas break for two weeks.

I might have them help me with it cause I need to keep them busy during the holiday season.

My husband and I decided to go hardwood for all the bedrooms and re decorate my daughter's room and the craft room. We went to Ikea this weekend to get some storage ideas and looked at some beds for my daughter. The possibilities and combinations are endless and making the choice is very very difficult. I have a lot of work ahead of me as I need to re organize all closets and get rid of stuff we don't use. Through out the years thing cumulate and start to clutter especially when you don't have proper storage or shelving in the house.

We have many many books that are in the basement stored in bags, but with the floors getting done and storage put in we can organize everything not to mention the toys. I dread cleaning the toys in the basement. Most likely I am going to just give all of them to good will. Well thats all for today. This is the most I think I ever wrote so I hope I did not bore you to much with my home decor ideas. Till next time, happy crafting.

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