Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sit back Relax and Enjoy with Put your FEETupabella and I WON

Hello bloggers and thanks for dropping by again to see my latest creation.  I had purchased PutyourFEETupabella awhile ago but did not have the chance to color her up so here she is, what do ya think ?

I wanted the chic, retro, funky todays modern women look to her and I also wanted to have fun with the color palette. As you can see I used yellow, black, red and purple, not a really commonly used combination but then again I am one not always going for the common.  I like to bend the rules when it comes to color and style.

I added three little dots at the end of sentiment cause inside the card will read ..." Your Birthday", and I always say this, you can never have enough birthday cards.

I have another awesome news to share with you peeps. Cari over at Cari's Book blog hosted an awesome give away for a book called Falling Under by Gwen Hayes. Guess who won, yes your truly and I got so excited because I never win anything.  I Want to send out a big thank you to Cari and also  NAL Trade Paperback for providing the giveaway copy!  If you love to read and sometimes don't know what is good or not so good,
 Cari has awesome reviews on variety of books so check her out.

I hope you haven't forgotten about this weeks Bellarific Friday Color challenge which consisted of the Aquamarine colors like the picture.  Make sure to send your photo to Em tomorrow by 5:00 EST to have a chance to win some bella bucks !!!



Cari said...

I love the bow and the ... congrats on winning Falling Under and thanks for mentioning my blog!

Crafty Cath said...

Ooooh love your shading on this - nice and soft with lots of shadows. And congrats on winning your new book. I love to read as well bought hate when you don't know an author or if the book is good or not. I visit the library alot - so I don't waste money on a bad book and have a few series that I can't wait for the next book to hit the market. Perect card for your bounty - sit back, relax and enjoy my friend!

Pauline said...

Wow! Love this card Ebru. Your colouring is wonderful, love your shading. this is just what I am going to do today, sit back, relax and enjoy because I'm off today, well actually I will probably work on some cards, but still that is relaxing for me!

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