Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bella's at Scrapfest

Wow, what an amazing Saturday I had in Kitchener. There is so much to share with you my friends so lets get started. 

I walked into the auditorium and the Bella booth was just a few steps ahead,  and who are the first two babes I see, yup it's Lindabella and Paulineabella waiting in line to pay for there goodies. Of course I had my video camera to  capture every moment. Then  I see Paulabella who right away covered her face as soon as she realized it was me recording and Robinbella greeting me with smiles, not camera shy at all, LOVE IT !!! Not to far from them was dear Cathabella with her sweet mom looking at Bella's new stamps.   The Bella booth was jammin with excitement and Emily's make and take was out of this world and here are some photos of the day.

Here is Lindabella proudly showing off her gorguss mixed media canvas !!!

Here are a couple of Mini Bella's hard at work. Let me tell you these girls creations were amazing.

Here are some of Emily's Outstanding Mixed Media Creations she brought to Scrapfest for all of us to get inspired. I must tell you, that I am pumped after this Saturday !!

Here is sweet Isabelle Norris.

and here is a look at how nice and clean the bella table was :o) Hey, what fun would it be if you don't get dirty !!

Here is also a video for all the sistahs who could not make it to the show.

I am still not quite done with everything I have to say.  Later on while my daughter and I were walking around I saw Paula and her BFF Mary chatting away so I joined them. I must tell you all what a sweet heart Mary is, and I am so glad to have met her. Anyways moving on, my daughter wanted to go to Currys art store to buy some canvases cause she was pumped from Emily's booth. So, Paula, Mary my daughter and I decided to ditch the fare for a little bit and head on over to Currys in Kitchener. Heheheh, oh what fun was that idea, I had Paula all to myself at Currys, now how often will I ever have this opportunity.  Ok, I have yapped enough for today but before I say goodbye, don't forget about this weeks sketch challenge from Lindabella.  Make sure to email your cards to Emily by Thursday.

Bye Everyone and thanks for coming !!


IsaNorris said...

your video is fantastic Ebru. Thank you so much.
Isa xx

By Shawna Rae said...

Loved the video... and all the fun that was going on there!!

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

One of these days I hope I'm lucky enough to hang out w you lovelies! what a FUN post!

Crafty Cath said...

I have a smile on my face right now...you are so right it was a very fun day. Love bein able to see everyone and enjoy all the new Bella products! Thank you for bringing the day back to life!

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