Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Illustrated Life - Danny Gregory

I am seriously enjoying "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory.  This book is full of drawing inspiration from various illustrators, designers and sketchbook artists.  I bought this book at Chapters yesterday and I'm  already more then halfway through it. I was in awe with the artists in this book, such amazingly gifted people.  I really enjoyed watching these videos on Vimeo and thought I share them with you, I hope it gives you as much inspiration as it gave me.

Even though I am no where near the talents of these two artists, I was inspired to draw yesterday and here is what I came up with, yes I need to practise a lot and I mean I a lot before I can draw decently.  One of my major  problems is perspective, my objects or people I draw tend to be either to big or to small.. hehehe of well like I said, practise will make perfect some day.

I am signing off today with a quote form Robert Crumb:

" Draw from life as much as you can stand to. That's where you really learn things. And learn to express your real, personal feelings.  And don't worry about creating masterpieces or only drawing the pretty thing. Look for the commonplace, the unnoticed details of everyday reality.  To draw form life is to learn about life. But, you know, you need to be compelled by some inner need to fill the blank page. It's gotta come from inside. "

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Crafty Cath said...

Ok - I can't draw at all so your perspective being out of whack is nothing compared to what I would create. And besides, I LOVE your drawings. Still have my diva card sitting on my desk! Oh and that quote is fabulous and so true!

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