Monday, September 19, 2011

Our very First Bake Sale...

was this past Saturday morning and it was a flop.  I spent two days baking and preparing not to mention buying lots on the ingredients required.  The reason why  I mentioned that was because I actually spent more then what I made.  We were hoping it would be successful as there were tons of delicious sweets that were put together and presented so professionally. Oh well, it was an experience  and no doubt our approach will be a little different next time, if there is going to be a next time !!

Here are some photos of what I put together. I made some cute tags to put on my packaging.

Below is a photo of Spritz cookies and Sugar Cookies.

I also made 10 mini loafs of delicious vanilla cakes, ranging from berry to walnut flavours.

These are pictures of the Bake Sale.

As you an see the kids really enjoyed it !! 

I have to say it was a blast just getting together with our friends and enjoying each others treats and coffee's.  We ended up sharing what we all made and brought a whole bunch of delicious goodies home for the rest of the family to enjoy.  

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