Thursday, April 12, 2012

Could not Resist...

to case this awesome creation by Christine, who happens to be one talented sistah I tell ya !! I was in Bella land yesterday to visit Em, who I haven't seen in ages and I missed her. When I was there I saw Christine in action,  teaching a class of very dedicated and enthusiastic students, and my jaw dropped at how gorgeous each and every person was coloring there images !

Here is my take on Uptown Girl Ava Loves to Celebrate bookmark, who happens to be going to my daughter who LOVES to read and can't seem to get enough book marks :D.  I tried to not case it 100% so I think my Purple is a bit darker with pinkish shading and my cake is more Chocolatey and creamy :D


 When you take a close look at the BM, you will notice a line coming down on the right side and that is because I tried to laminate this by using thick packing tape.  As you can see I did not do a really good job of it and it bubbled on me and also it was not as wide as the paper so I had to layer the tape. This is my first  time  laminating with tape, so practise makes perfect I always say !!

Don't forget to email your card to Emily today for this weeks challenge which was a shower card.

Hope to see you tomorrow !!

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Dana White said...

Ebru she is STUNNING!! Love the shades of purple - is it possible I didn't order her?!?! Must correct that

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