Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Children Say the Darnest Things

As I was driving home from grocery shopping with my son sitting in the back seat and as we approach our home, he turns to me and say's "Mom, why are you only going to eat salad ?" I replied back by saying " well, mommy wants to lose some weight before we go to our trip this summer" then he comes back with " I love you FAT mommy, cause you are so cute" so there you have it my son loves me Fat. This would make a really cute excuse for me !!!

He is at an age where he asks questions like you wont believe, I have to actually stop and think for a few minutes before I reply back.

Well that's all for today, I thought you guys would enjoy a good laugh...


Karen Hanim said...

How cute! Kids really do say the darnest things! Don't forget to write them down someplace! I wish I had when my kids were little!

Anonymous said...

They really do say the darnest things!! Too cute!


Bernadet said...

Hello Ebru - Love your videos and style of crafting! Visiting you on your blogspot for the first time and had to comment on funny things kids say. Before I married my husband a year and a half ago, the only person I ever cooked for was myself. Now I cook for him and his 3 boys, which has been a crash course in culinary skills and what kids like to eat. Anyway, I made something (I think Jambalaya) that was a dud with the kids. Sensitive to my feelings since he knew the work I put into dinner, his 10 y.o. said, "Its not that it doesn't taste good... its just that the flavors don't go together very well." He totally cracked me up, and warmed my heart with the funny way he was trying to not hurt my feelings.

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