Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Pinar

Today we are celebrating my beautiful daughters 12th birthday. I can't believe how big she is getting, it just feels like yesterday I had her in the baby stroller going to the splash park.

Her birthday celebration will be at Toronto Raptors basketball game where the Raptors will be facing Utah Jazz. This particular game is extra special due to the two Turkish NBA players. Hidayet Turkoglu is playing for the Raptors and Mehmet Okur for Utah Jazz. Of course we are rooting for the home team to win. I think my husband is more excited then my daughter, you should have seen him last night, he prepared everyones Turkish jerseys to wear to the game and made me buy bristol paper to make a happy birthday sign to hold up while we are there. He was fortunate enough to get excellent seats, so we will be pretty much front row. I will be bringing my camera to take pictures so I can share them with you guys.

Sorry I haven't done a craft video lately but I promise I will do it soon....


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Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Birthday Pinar!!

Hope all your wishes come true.


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