Sunday, August 29, 2010

Come On Over and Join me in My Craftroom

I want to share with you a room in my home that is dedicated to only my crafts. First of all I want to thank my husband for being so supportive and very patient with me to turn this lovely guest room into my very own Studio. Second thanks goes to my lovely kids keeping me on my toes and sometimes actually allowing me to have some free time towards my passion.

Thanks for joining me. Till next time, happy crafting.


Nane Şekeri said...

Ne kadar sirin ne kadar sicak bir oda Seni yansittiyor. Darisi basima bende kendi hobi odami istiyorum :)

yasemin said...

when i see your craftroom, i can just say 'oh my god'. you have lots and lots of materials. stamps, papers, embellishments etc. i have just a few because in turkiye i can't find most of the things you have, even if i can find they're too expensive. i wish i were you :))

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