Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is in the Air

I don't know about you but halloween sure made it's presence in my house this morning.  My daughter was so excited last night and prepared her costume in advance as a Fairy from the DEAD !!! I wanted her to be a nerd but that I idea did not fly in her books. We were up at 6:00 am getting ready  for today and I must give some credit for myself as I was the make-up artist behind the costume and she looked spook-tacular. 

Next,  we have my little guy who became Venom two years in a row. However, he was more exited about losing two teeth in two days and getting money from the tooth fairy then Halloween and Candy.  In my opinion, children grow up way to fast with what they learn on TV, friends and environment all together   so in my house I make sure there spirit and imagination of youth continues as long as it can.  We believe in Tooth Fairies, Fairies, Santa Claus, Elves, Easter Bunny, bad fairies who take away or hide our toys when they are not cleaned up :o) and many others... Here are some photos of my toothless Venom.

We want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy halloween this weekend, please take extra caution when going out trick-or treating on Sunday.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!!


Anonymous said...

Ayy dişler çıkmış :)kostümde çok iyi ama kızmassa eğer küçük dostum,ablası favorim oldu .Çok başarılı makyaj ve kostüm. Ben en son 2007 de kutlayabilmiştim Hamburg'da.Hmpfff şimdilerde özlemiyorum desem yalan olur,ayrı bir tadı var işte.

paulatracy said...

They are adorable, I mean they ROCK!! Your daughter looks fantastic and your cute are his muscles and toothless grin. Good job mom! You are a bundle of talent aren't you.... And I agree, they need to believe in all that stuff as long as they can. I will NEVER forget when my sister told jordan about Santa at the dinner table with all of us there. The look on her face. My sister had NO idea she still believed in Santa at 9. Just a note, I did NOT tell my niece about Santa, even though I threatened my sister with telling

Anonymous said...

Önümzdeki ay halloween tekrar geliyor ve yeni fotolarınızı bekliyorum gençler ;),anneye duyrulur.

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