Sunday, November 28, 2010

Digital or Rubber That is the Question

Have you ever been intimated to make a digi purchase of an image ? well for the longest time I was.  I asked the question over and over again as to why I did not want to buy digitial images and the answer I came up with was the image quality when printed.  Well, I had to put my mind at ease and venture into the digi world.  I made my first purchase just to see what it was going to be like and compare stamping vs digital. Here are the pro's and cons for digital printing.

- You can manipulate your image to any desired size. ( I love this feature )
- Storage saver
- Cheaper then a regular rubber or clear stamp

- Image is not as intense as a stamped image.  It has a light greyish tint to it.
- if you do not back up your image or save it to a CD, and your computer crashes you will lose everything. So make sure to burn your images to a disk.

I guess the next question is will I continue to purchase digital images and the answer is "Yes".  I like the fact that it's economical and a space saver. But, I will never stop buying my rubbah stamps either cause the stamped image quality does not compare with a print out.  Knowing I have the physical stamp gives me comfort and I don't have to worry if my system goes down.  The bottom line is the choice is yours either way has it's pros and con's.

Here is my first digital card from Maurie J Manning also known as Mo.  The name of the digi is Penelopes Party wagon.


Crafty Cath said...

Hey I have another pro - clean-up is a non issue with a digital image. I love that! No rubber lining up along my sink waiting to be soaked and cleaned. Love your Mo. Put a smile on my face! :)

paulatracy said...

I totally LOVE that hair and need to get this image! She is adorable!!

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