Monday, January 10, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me

Hi bloggers, sorry for not posting in quite sometime cause I have been very bizzey but do I have a lot to share with all of you. First off here is Charlotte Ketto for your viewing pleasure. I had not used her in quite awhile so I made a birthday card using this Ketto image.  The coloring was done with my Tombow markers and I have to tell you it will take me sometime to get use to these water based markers or I may not even get use to them at all.  It's funny, when I love something, I love it to the end and I stay dedicated but if I am iffy with an item I may close the door for the time being.  So please let me know what you think of my coloring with the Tombows. I stamped this image on heavy watercolor paper and used Memento ink. 

OK, I am very disappointed today cause I missed the huge Cricut Cartridge sale Michaels was having. I spent the whole morning calling every Michaels near me to see if they have anything left.  If you own the Cricut machine these cartridges were a steal for $ 16.00 and I got my hand only on the paisley Cartridge.  Am I crying about this... yes I am cause who knows when they will have a big sale again on these.  Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk, what's done is done.

Happier news for the day, I received my Greeting farm Stamps in the mail .  I had ordered " Special Autumn " and " O/A Just for you" 4 x 6 sets.  I cant wait to create with them.

Much Much happier news, I just got my 120 piece Pablo Caran D'ache pencil crayons and I am in color heaven.  I colored a Mo manning image last night and let me tell you these pencil crayons are the creme a la creme of the pencil crayon world.  They are just beautiful and smooth and creamy and just yummy-licious and I am so glad I got them, but I do have to send out a huge THANKS to Paula and Emily cause if it wasn't for these awesome babearoonies I would not have gotten them so a big Mwah!!!

Much Much Much Much happier news, the love of my life who is my Darling husband just ordered my birthday prezzie and it is going to be my new baby next to my Macbook Pro.  I am getting Mac's new 27 inch table top computer and let me tell you I am in love !!! My brother always say, " if you use Mac, you never go back" and he is right.  I have owned my Macbook Pro Laptop for about 4 or 5 years and I absolutely love it. The reason why I wanted the table to is for my filming and videos, with it he ordered Final Cuts software as well so lets see how that works out for me.

How was that for a Monday post, not bad eh.  Thanks for coming by and be sure to check back again tomorrow cause I have more cards to share. Mwah !!!

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Cam Grant said...

This image looks fantastic, great job with the tombows : )

I don't even have a Cricut [yet] and I went to check these out, there wasn't much left at the Oakville location on Sunday... the Cars cartridge, a thanksgiving one, and a couple others. Safe to say, I didn't buy any.

Congrats on the new monitor, I'm sure it will display your beautiful cards very nicely : )

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