Monday, December 13, 2010

It feels Like I am living in the Artic cause

the weather is just terribly cold today.  I actually almost fell on my driveway while getting the kiddies into the car.  The actual temperature with the windshield is -22 arrrgggghh how's that for cold. So much for doing the groceries today but I still have to go out cause I gotta visit the doctah.

Lets move on to more fun stuff shall we, here is another Christmas card with Bismarck by Mo Manning and you can get him in Rubbah at Stampingbella.  I had so much fun coloring this little guy cause he is simply gorgeous and I am sure he is going to make a friend very happy when received. I stamped him on Bella's bestest paper used as  usual Memento Black Ink.

So are you guys done your Christmas shopping yet ?  the malls are mayhem here is Toronto during this time of the season, that's why I stay indoors  on the weekend and do most of my shopping during the weekday.  The one thing I am very bad at doing is mailing cards on time or sometimes I completely forget to mail it altogether, isn't that just awful.  My new years resolution is be more organized, yah I have to keep my fingers crossed on that one.  

Speaking of New Years resolutions, what is your going to be ? I wanna know, just drop me a comment. Mine is to long of a list, but my main resolution this year like every year is to shed off the access weight. 
Well bloggers that's all I have for you today, have a safe and wonderful week.


paulatracy said...

Well, weather conditions are not much better in Michigan. So lets talk about this sweet little pooch. Man, I just love him {and ALL Mo's for that matter! haha} I love your added tulle as your ribbon. I keep forgetting to buy some of that in the store! grrrr. :) Stay warm and stay outta the shoppng frenzy!

Cam Grant said...

Nice card, the image of the dog is super cute! Reminds me of my Sister-in-Law's dog who loves bones, we've bought her huge one's like this and she's eaten them : ) The tulle is flirty, I really enjoy it.

I too didn't make it to the grocery store or mall tonight! lol it's too nice and warm inside ~ I'll try again tomorrow. Yes, I understand, with the crazziness of the holidays it's easy to forget or not have time for writing Christmas cards... I've got a pile of them just sitting there waiting for me.

No resolutions for me, I usually forget what it is by March! Have fun with yours!

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